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Ryan Edwards - Partick Thistle

The reason you started playing football?

I grew up watching my dad play football in Malaysia, Singapore and then Perth Glory. It was in my family from day one so I was brought up to love it and play the game.

Best piece of advice given to you?

Best advice I’ve received and I use it every day in whatever I do, is to never ask myself the question – what if? If I give my all in everything that I do I will never have to ask myself what if I did that or what if I worked harder that day... Basically, to give your 100% best in everything you do, every drill, every pass, every training session, every game.

Greatest moment in your career?

Greatest moment of my career so far is when Aurelio Vidmar named me captain of the Australian Olyroos for our Olympic campaign. The feeling of walking your country out and singing the national anthem is one of the best things I’ve ever achieved and felt.

Biggest impact on your career?

The biggest impact of my career are both my parents and my older brother, Cameron. Without the sacrifices of both my parents at such a young age and the knowledge and support from my mum, dad and brother on and off the pitch I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Best advice you can give to up and coming youngsters?

Best advice I can give is to never give up and most importantly, play with a smile on your face. If you enjoy yourself, work hard, give your best in every small moment in your life and football, you will always make steps towards your goals.