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Josh Risdon – Friday Five | The Football Centre

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Josh Risdon - Western Sydney Wanderers

The reason you started playing football?

My dad put me into soccer when I was around 6, he was one of my first coaches, loved playing every Saturday with my mates.

Best piece of advice given to you?

Best advice I got was from Kenny Lowe he would always say “play with a smile on your face and finish with a sweaty shirt”.

Greatest moment in your career?

Greatest moment in my career was my debut for the Socceroos vs Bangladesh, it was a lifelong dream of mine.

Biggest impact on your career?

Biggest impact would be my parents. They have supported me and sacrificed a lot for me to pursue my dream.

Best advice you can give to up and coming youngsters?

Best advice I could give is to always train as hard as you can and be willing to learn, also be prepared to make important sacrifices if you wish to become a professional footballer. Most of all enjoy it!!!