5-13 Year Olds Session Descriptions


5 - 13 YEAR OLDS

Sessions are based around football specific outcomes and adapted to suit differing age groups. Youth sessions at The Football Centre care tailored to players aged five to thirteen.

Our talented and dedicated coaching staff provide a challenging, fun and positive environment for players to thrive in, not only as footballers but most importantly, as people.

The Football Centre Ball Manipulation



This sessions is all about YOU and the BALL. Being technically efficient is an essential skill in the modern game. BALL MANIPULATION will be based on the foundations of juggling, dribbling, and ball control. It will be fast paced and high tempo. Incorporating this with game situations and lots of decisions and you'll find this session challenging and extremely rewarding.

The Football Centre Football Conditioning



Aimed at our senior player age groups, FOOTBALL CONDITIONING is physically demanding, high intensity and hard work. This doesn't mean just running laps! All components of this session will involve the most important aspect of football, the BALL! With game scenarios and decision making exercises incorporated, this FOOTBALL CONDITIONING session is full of explosive movements, deep breaths and massive rewards!

The Football Centre Small Sided Gammes



The Football Centre is a huge believer in letting players play! This session will put players in different scenarios on the pitch to achieve different outcomes which will encourage decision making, communication and teamwork. As coaches, allowing players the freedom to experiment and try new things is essential in youth development. The Football Centre coaching staff will encourage imagination, creativity and problem solving in an action packed, fast moving session that incorporates different small sided games (3 v 3, 2 v 2) and overload games (4 v 3, 2 v 1).



With age appropriate planned exercises, this ATTACKING session is full of shooting, crossing and combination play! A huge focus is on creativity and imagination in the final third as well as end product. With defence splitting passes, 1 v 1/2 v 2 game scenarios and understanding when to engage and create overloads, this ATTACKING session allows players to play with ultimate freedom and will encourage all to use their creativity and flair.



The art of DEFENDING is a critical part of football. This session involves 1 v 1/2 v 2 and overload small sided games with a focus on body shape, ambushing and winning the ball back. Awareness, communication and understanding your role defensively, individually and collectively, will allow you to have a better understanding of what to do when you don't have the ball. No matter your position, everyone has a defensive role to play come Match Day. This DEFENDING session will challenge players to ‘think’ about the game rather then just run around and ‘play’.



Major factors often overlooked due to the simplicity of the skills, PASSING & MOVEMENT are basic essentials. At The Football Centre we encourage players to be proactive in their movement and take real pride in every pass.  This session will focus on players being more comfortable with the ball under pressure, building game awareness and becoming technically efficient. Lots of quick decisions, high intensity and constant movement are just a few things to be expected in our PASSING & MOVEMENT sessions.