We are delighted to welcome PROJECT ZEN to The Football Centre on Thursday 16 December @ 6am for a pop-up yoga session.

This trial session will be used to gauge interest in adding yoga to our regular adult fitness classes in the New Year.

There is no fee to attend but we would like to think all over 25s will be able to make a $10 donation to PROJECT ZEN!

Why yoga at The Football Centre?

Yoga is being increasingly used throughout the professional game with Messi, Ronaldo, Giggs, Beckham, Silva and many more athletes who advocate the exercise due to the following benefits:

  • Increased muscle range and suppleness resulting in increased freedom of movement
  • Decreased muscular and fascial tension
  • Increased core strength and core engagement. Core training improves stamina and functional strength
  • The working of muscle groups not traditionally used in football training
  • Improved mindfulness and reduction of stress

This in turn has the following benefits:

  • Reduction of injuries related to muscular over-use, restricted joint movement and core weakness.
  • Extension of playing careers by avoiding stiffness and loss of sharpness
  • Creation of positive training habits in younger players so they stay supple and actively engage in ‘looking after’ their bodies

Yoga sessions vary in intensity from those that focus on meditation through to the session we have planned which has been designed to provide attendees with a full body work out:

  • Standing Poses – Build leg-strength as well as flexibility in the hips and hamstrings.
  • Balancing Poses – Increase body awareness, stabilization, and proprioception
  • Backward Bends – Improve posture, respiration, digestion, and elimination
  • Forward Bends – Promote health of posterior chain and help balance autonomic nervous system
  • Inversions – Improve immune function and enhance circulation in legs
  • Arm Balances – Build core and upper-body strength and improve balance/body- awareness
  • Twists – Improve posture, shoulder-mobility, respiration, digestion, elimination, and health of spine and nervous system

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We hope you will take the opportunity to attend this class and provide us with your feedback.

About Project Zen

PROJECT ZEN is a pop up yoga program designed to offer accessible and affordable classes for both young people and the supporting community members. With the support of surrounding community members we are able to run our program and support our teachers.

PROJECT ZEN believes everyone should have the opportunity to learn about themselves without breaking the bank. PROJECT ZEN offers a platform for under 25’s to do this without the financial burden. The participation of our wider spread community creates space for this to happen.