Tournaments Rules



Senior Tournament Rules

Games consist of two 15 minute halves with a 1 minute halftime break.
All games are timed by the referee and will start as per the fixture/game times.
Game Times – Monday – Friday
6.05pm | 6.40pm | 7.15pm | 750pm | 8.25pm | 9.00pm | 9.35pm | 10.10pm
These times are subject to change.
Weekly Game Fee $80 per game
Forfeit – Over 7 Days Notice  
Forfeit – Great than 24 hours $80*
Forfeit – Less Than 24 hours Notice $100*
No Show Forfeit $160*
Team Withdrawal Fee $100
Two game upfront payment (credited to round 15/16 games). $160
All forfeit fees must be settled ahead of the teams next game. The captain of the team will be invoiced for the payment. Failure to pay forfeit fees on time may see the team remove from the competition

All rules are as per the official FIFA futsal rulebook with The Football Centre Amendments as below.

  • Field markings are approximately 33 metres by 19 metres.
  • Minimum distance from placed kicks is two metres for the defensive team (side, corner, direct and indirect free kicks).
  • Goals can be scored directly from kick-offs and corners
  • Kick-ins are indirect
  • Free kicks are direct or indirect according to the refs decision
  • Play continues if the ball strikes the roof net except; in the event that the net is the last touch before the ball goes into a goal a goal kick or corner will be award based on the last team to touch the ball
  • A goalkeeper can score using his feet in open play; this includes kicking out of his hands
  • When restarting from a “goal kick”, goalkeepers must throw or roll the ball
  • At no time can a goalkeeper throw the ball directly into the opponents goal
  • 2 female players must be on the pitch at all times, not including the goalkeeper, during Mixed games.
  • Penalties must be taken from a one step kick.
  • Goalkeepers have a choice of a kick in from the floor or a release from the hands when a goal kick is signalled.
  • Once the ball has left the field of play, it will be a kick in, to the last team it came off.
  • Shin guards are recommended for player safety but aren’t compulsory.
  • Goalkeepers may only change when your team has possession in a stoppage. (gk kick, sideline kick in)
  • Squads can be of any size; all players must be registered under their team name
  • Each team must have a team Captain
  • The team Captain is responsible in voicing any concerns or queries to the referee or to a member of staff of The Football Centre, and will join the WhatApps used to manage competition notifications
  • Female players may play in social comps
  • 2 female players must be on the pitch at all times, not including the goalkeeper, during Mixed games.
  • Points for game results are as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. 
  • Jewellery or any other accessories must be removed before the commencement of games, or taped to the satisfaction of the referee.
  • Players understand and accept playing with an existing injury or pregnancy may put their bodies at further risk. Players play at their own risk, and are responsible for arranging and maintaining their own insurance cover.


  • Substitutions can happen at any time in the game once the player has left the field of play.
  • Substitutes need to enter play on the half-way line.
  • The referee doesn’t need to be informed of the substitution.


  • All players within a team must be in matching coloured uniforms at the commencement of games.
  • Bibs can also be provided by The Football Centre if any players don’t have the correct colour of their team. ($5 per player).
  • If the referee decides there is a colour clash, one of the teams will be asked to wear bibs (provided for free) by The Football Centre.


  • Penalties must be taken using a one-step run up
  • In the event of a draw, semi-finals and finals will be decided by a penalty shoutout
  • Penalty shoot-outs are best of 3 followed by sudden death


  • Depending on levels of foul play in matches, Referees have the option of branding players with a yellow card or red card.
  • Referees will liaise with Team Captains if there is excessive rough play or offensive language or any other profanities that the referee sees or hears.
  • In addition to issuing a yellow card, inline with our zero tolerance policy, the referee may “sin bin” the offending player.  If a team only has 5-players, the outfield player will be required to go in goal for the duration of his “sin bin”. Teams with 6 or more players will be required to substitute the player for the duration of the “sin bin”. The duration of “sin bin” is at the discretion of the referee an will be determine by the nature of the initial incident, and the players subsequent conduct. “Sin bins” are intended to be partially punitive and partially to allow players to regain their composure. 
  • Yellow cards are not cumulative; we do not issue bans for Yellow or Red cards
  • Issues may be reported to at anytime by players, spectators, the referee or staff. All issues will be investigated and assessed by The Football Centre. Any disciplinary action is at the discretion of The Football Centre inline with our sero tolerance policy


The Football Centre operates a zero tolerance policy with respect too:

  • Aggressive behaviour – physical or verbal
  • Dissent/disrespect of the referee and/or The Football Centre staff

Players excessively and/or repeatedly demonstrating the above behaviours may be “sin-binned” (see CAUTIONS AND DISMISSALS)

All violent conduct (including retaliation and/or threats of physical violence) will result in a minimum ban of the rest of the season.

All disciplinary action resulting from breeches of our zero tolerance policy is at the discretion of The Football Centre.

No one has ever agreed with every decision a referee makes in any given game. The chances are that if you are playing your heat of the moment, one-eyed view, will mean you don’t view incidents the same as the ref or opposition.

Decisions may not always be perfect…but alternate views of incidents and/or mistakes aren’t personal so get on with the game.

Any incidents reported to management will be reviewed via our videos and if required players/teams will be asked not to return.

Maintaining The Football Centre’s reputation as a trouble free venue is more important than any individual player or teams participation.

Please ensure behaviour remains within accepted tolerance levels as determined by the referee on the day.


  • The Football Centre runs all tournament games on Public Holidays
  • Forfeits are bad all round; your team, the opposition, the reputation of the competition and therefore The Football Centre
  • The Football Centre reluctantly accepts forfeits and offers a service to find fill-ins; forfeits fees are only charged if no one from the team participates in the fixture
  • Teams regularly forfeiting or routinely requiring the fill-in service may be removed from the competition at The Football Centre discretion; in the event the team has outstanding debts they will not be readmitted unless they are settled
  • All fixtures are subject to change by The Football Centre, with changes communicated via the “Captains WhatsApp Group”. Where 24-hours notice isn’t provide a forfeit fee will not be charged
  • Teams may use the “Captains WhatsApp Group” to negotiate fixture time changes with the other team captains. The Football Centre will accomodate all agreed changes. For a fixture swap to occur all 4-teams impacted must agree


  • Soccer boots (moulded) and indoor shoes are accepted. No metal studs.
  • Game balls are provided.
  • Teams must provide their own colour matched kits or uniforms.
  • Players understand and acknowledge that The Football Centre purchases or leases the equipment from a third party and therefore does not manufacture any of the fitness or other equipment used in the venue.
  • Players understand and acknowledge that The Football Centre is providing recreational services and may not be held liable for defective products or equipment.


  • The referee will provude the result of games to reception to be entered into the database.
  • Should you believe a result has been entered incorrectly please contact


  • The clock runs continuously
  • Play will be stopped by officials if a player is bleeding, injured or ill; by default the clock will continue to run
  • Any decision to stop the clock is at the discretion of the Referee and will be determined by the severity of the injury
  • All players play at their own risk. It is recommended that all players have suitable insurance. The Football Centre will not be held liable for any injuries that occur as a result of playing in the tournaments
  • All games will begin at the scheduled time, or, in the event of a delay unrelated to the arrival of the two teams, at the earliest reasonable opportunity
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your game start time. All game fees should be paid before the game commences
  • Players should be ready to move on to the pitch at the conclusion of the previous game.


  • The Football Centre is not liable to you for any personal property that is damaged, lost, or stolen whilst on or around the Centre including, but not limited to, a vehicle or its contents or any property left in The Football Centre.
  • If you cause damage to the venue or any equipment you are liable to The Football Centre for its cost of repair or replacement.


  • The Football Centre expects participants and supporters to behave in the best interests of their team, other teams, the competition and The Football Centre at all times
  • We strive to deliver high quality social competitions at Perth’s premium 5aside venue; teams are expected to support that by demonstrating appropriate social, collegiate and inclusive behaviours at all times
  • The Football Centre delivers football competitions and recognises that games can be intense and competitive; we have been that player that the decision has gone against and been caught by late tackles. We have learnt that these things happen in competitive support 
  • Refs don’t get every right and even if they did they wouldn’t give you every decision you want. Play hard but remember its a game and that everyone wants to be back again next week


  • Team names which are deemed inappropriate or offensive will be changed at The Football Centre’s discretion prior to the season starting
  • All competitions nights are social / ungraded
  • At the end of each season teams will have an exclusive period to renominate (or request an alternative night). At the end of this period new teams will be added from the waiting list
  • Teams confirmed to rollover will be charged for rounds 15 an 16 of the current competition to instead of being invoiced for the Two Game Upfront Payment for the new season


  • The team Captain is responsible for all players and spectators associated with the team.
  • The team Captain is allowed to approach Referees for questions and/or clarifications. Referees may only be approached during the half time or at the end of the game.
  • Offensive language is not permitted or tolerated.
  • Playing under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is not permitted or tolerated.
  • Fighting of any nature is not permitted or tolerated.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct on or off the pitch is not permitted or tolerated.
  • Any breach of the Player and Spectator Code of Behaviour may result in the offender(s) being required to leave The Football Centre.
  • If necessary The Football Centre reserves the right to suspend or remove a team or player from the competition for any breach of the Player Code of Behaviour.